Digital Surveillance System

ZenTech offers a complete surveillance and security management platform that combines your security resources for effective threat detection and proactively pushes this information out to your response teams.

Our Digital surveillance surveillance system protects people, facilities and assets using both analog and digital cameras, in fixed and mobile applications.

With our Digital surveillance system integration, you can organize a response team virtually via an online Situation Center where alert notifications and other critical information, like digital and video images, can be shared. Our solution allows your personnel to record field intelligence and send it directly to an online Situation Center and guarantees that the data you capture will go to the right people at the right time.

Video Surveillance can help your business

  • Reduce shrink by catching shoplifters and watching employees
  • Improve employee productivity & give accurate feedback
  • Deter potential thieves
  • Monitor cash registers & reduce cash loss
  • Provide evidence against bogus claims
  • Improve customer service and identify customers
  • Increase security both indoors and in the parking lot
  • Watch your business remotely - via the internet