Company Overview

Most present day businesses cannot do without specific IT infrastructure to facilitate operations or services in many facets of the organization. Managers and business leaders, however, are often ‘baffled’ by technology and the associated details. Pure IT professionals do not help this dilemma because they typically lack the necessary business background and are therefore unable to ‘speak the same language’ as business professionals. ZenTech helps businesses to implement IT assets that are both fit-for-the-business-purpose and also effectively integrated with optimal business processes.

Most large companies often have an ‘army’ of in-house IT and business
professionals, at significant cost, to tackle the challenges associated with aligning IT systems and its operation exactly to the business needs. Our clients typically may not have the benefit of such in-house resources and capability. Zen Technology provides these expertises cost-effectively to our clients, to ensure they do not remain the preserve of only the large conglomerates.

Due to the unique way we are organized, Zen Technology is able to offer value for money and assured quality of services at a comparative price typically several orders of magnitude lower. A further aspect of our client promise is that extra bit of personal touch and client attention we offer on every engagement.

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