Business Continuity Planning

With greater reliance on technology for all aspects of business performance, ZenTech expertise reduces the risks for potential damage and ensures rapid restoration of critical systems should unforeseen events occur. With precautions taken, organizations can obtain greater market valuations, lower insurance costs, and internal controls that help defend organizations from legal liability. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Identification of critical systems
  • Written business impact and risk analysis
  • Internal control recommendations
  • Creation and simulation testing of disaster recovery plans
  • Recommendation and implementation of disaster recovery technologies
  • Training on disaster avoidance and recovery procedures, and technology maintenance

Business Continuity Plan has become an integral part of ZenTech Infrastructure and Security solutions that serve increasing numbers of exposed companies and public sector organizations due to:

  • Higher dependencies by businesses on computerized information,
    production, sales, and service delivery systems
  • Inadequate IT and information security safeguards
  • Absence of effective backup and recovery strategies to
    reduce the impact of disruptive incidents
  • Vulnerability to excessive costs or losses arising from serious incidents

ZenTech recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your enterprise computing environment-from transactional systems and data exchange servers to data warehousing and business intelligence.

We work with you to identify critical systems and determine where your business processes and technology are most vulnerable. We then create avoidance and recovery plans to ensure that your business and technology are resilient and resistant to disaster situations.